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EMS stands for electromyostimulation, which has been an established method for improving muscle development and body posture for many years. The electromyostimulation method is closely linked to the way biochemical stimuli are aroused, processed and routed in the human body. By skilfully varying different parameters, such as the amplitude and frequency of a stimulation impulse, these stimuli can be electronically reproduced, and therefore artificially created. Users of an up-to-date EMS training system today expect absolute freedom of movement. It is not the EMS system that determines the training options, but rather the desired training programme that determines the requirements of the supporting technology. This applies equally to both individual and group training. The objective is to create a natural training situation – ‘native training’ TECNATIVES Nt supports inborn, natural movement processes – established by functional training or Movement Culture. Through daily routines and physically time-optimised work cycles, it takes us back in time so that our long-forgotten potential can begin to blossom again. And there is another reason why TECNATIVES Nt is more than just a simple EMS system: it focuses on functional electromyostimulation (FEMS). With TECNATIVES Nt, conventional EMS training becomes futuristic FEMS training.The key component is an innovative generator-sensor system. In this system, stimulations of nerves and muscle fibres are generated, measured and optimised on the basis of impulses similar to those of the human body.The TECNATIVES Nt technology is based on many years of joint research and development work. Teams of scientists and engineers from Germany and Chinahave worked together to research and overcome technological limits. The TECNATIVES Nt FEMS system is clearly taking up pole position in a dynamic, growing lifestyle market.