Could You Survive as a POW?

Could You Survive as a POW?

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The App has both historic and ethics themes. It introduces twenty-five ethical dilemmas based on those actually faced by Sir Edward Dunlop and his fellow POWs, and invites users to think about what they might do if confronted by these same situations. This is an investigative decision-maker. When considering the various scenarios the user needs to make a PERSONAL decision – what would I do? For example: 1. Your men need your support to stand up to bullying guards – do you volunteer to help out? 2. Another group tries to take over your area – what do you do? 3. One of your friends is being beaten – do you try to intervene? 4. Someone needs to volunteer to talk to talk to their captors – are you that leader? 5. Your men are being forced to do hard work, but many are very sick – what can you do? 6. There is a chance to escape but this might mean that your fellow prisoners will be punished – do you still try to escape? Having chosen their preferred course of action from a number of alternatives offered, the user is then advised what Weary Dunlop actually did in those circumstances. The responses are assessed in light of what they show about leadership, mateship, service and self-sacrifice. To add to the challenge, responses are scored and progressively tallied to indicate how the user might have fared in the prisoner of war setting. The exercise promotes innovative learning and offers insights into the person’s decision-making and guiding values.